How can artists leverage social media to positively impact young adults and the next generation?

Photo credit:
image from Brainard Carey

If you think that social media is a tool used only for entertainment then let me tell you that, you don’t know social media yet! Social media is not only a means of fun as it is known but can be used:

  1. To communicate with others for useful purposes.
  2. Learn new things and get new ideas.
  3. Expand your work and grab people’s attention. 

As an artist you will face many difficulties at first with social media but you have to consider a lot of things until you get used to it. Media is changing and developing every second as well as consumers so to be in track you have to know the needs and wants for the adults and Generation Z who mostly use social media in their daily life. 

“Social media is not a media.

 The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”

–David Alston

What social media platform do I use?

You have to use the platform that best suits your art; for instance, if you are a visual artist, you may like using Instagram than others because you will need to post pictures, several types of videos along with texts. But if you are a writer you don’t actually need an Instagram but a twitter to tweet some of your writings. And if you are a singer or an actor you can use Snapchat to share your daily life story, videos and pictures because audience love to know in depth about the artist’s personal life to engage with him or her. If you are targeting adults you probably don’t want to use Facebook because the new generation are no longer using it even though 71% of people log in to it daily! 

What to post?

Generation Z have a high ability of absorbing a lot of information within seconds so why don’t you benefit from this advantage to grab their attention and try to spread positivity and build engagement. To do so you have to post jokes, latest trends, pictures in between texts to not let the reader feel bored and motivational posts. You have so many features you can use to attract audience; for example, you can use hashtags in Instagram and Google+ to engage with the audience. Moreover, you should put in mind that this generation don’t like to spend time on reading, instead they prefer visuals so you have to make sure that your posts are meaningful and can deliver what you are trying to say by words. Plus, your posts should not be confusing but straight to the point because at the end you don’t want the consumer view your photo and move on to another without liking or commenting. 

Why you should advertise? 

Adults face advertisements everywhere they go and they try to skip or avoid them so why don’t you advertise in a way that keeps them watching it till the end besides have a positive impact. All you have to do is be creative as much as you can, it will help with advertising your work at the same time grow engagement.

Time management:

You love social media but your schedule is full that you can’t find time for it? This is an issue that we all suffer from. However, You have to create time and you need to schedule when, what and where to post because days and times play a big role with engagement. 

Don’t you feel that you are ready enough to create your social media account and start to impact positively adults and Generation Z? don’t hesitate because the world needs you!

If you have more ideas that I didn’t mention above please comment bellow. 


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